AI-Powered e-Learning Course Creation for Improved Course Design and Delivery

AI Course Creator’s e-Learning authoring tool changes the way you create e-Learning courses by generating dynamic learning materials in minutes, featuring interactive elements, progression tracking, self-marking quizzes, and more.
Our e-Learning creation software is a great way to streamline the course development process without compromising quality and scalability. Choose from three user-friendly SCORM authoring tools and create e-Learning courses that empower educators and equip students for success.
Discover how our e-Learning course creation software makes course creation a breeze!
Develop Courses

eSkilled’s AI-Powered e-Learning Creator Offers 3 Approaches


AI Speedy Course Builder

Utilise AI to swiftly create e-Learning courses and course outlines. Easily modify or further enhance the course using a simple drag-and-drop builder.


Do-It-Yourself Course Builder

Exercise complete control over the authoring process. Add content, structure modules, and customise elements to suit your preferences.


Create From a Document

This upcoming feature will enable you to quickly generate courses based on specific information, including proprietary or company-specific information new to AI.

Your e-Learning Authoring Tool Creates Course Materials With:


Easily Share & Distribute Your Training

Our e-Learning creator tool allows you to seamlessly share courses by embedding them onto any webpage or deliver the training through any SCORM-compliant learning management system.

Easily Add Multimedia

Interactive Multimedia Elements

Use the e-Learning authoring tool to enrich course materials with videos, images, and interactive graphics to immerse students in their learning experiences. We’re also working on adding embedded documents to the mix!


AI-Powered Quiz Generation

Assess student comprehension with self-marking quizzes containing different types of questions based on existing course content.


Progress-Tracking Capabilities

With our e-Learning development software, educators can track learner progress and adjust teaching strategies to address areas where students are experiencing the most difficulty.

1 Icon 2 - DIY Course Build

AI-Assisted Course Editing and Updating

Presenting information in expanded text or bullet points, for example, is possible using our e-Learning authoring software. Utilise AI to add complementary case studies, practical examples and scenarios.

Create e-Learning Content with Accessibility in Mind


Ensure Easy Access From Any Device

Our SCORM creation tools generate e-Learning materials that prioritise mobile-friendly designs. Students can access their learning tools anytime, anywhere, from desktops to phones.


Accommodate Learners Across the Globe

Reach international students with the global settings on your e-Learning authoring tool. Our platform supports automatic translation to over 80 languages and can adapt content to your geographical location.

How Your Organisation Benefits From eSkilled’s AI Authoring Tool

Enhance Your e-Learning Content Creation With AI Course Creator

Craft engaging learning content that empowers educators and learners with eSkilled’s powerful e-Learning creation software.
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