Moodle Course Creation Made Easy With AI Course Creator

Quickly and easily generate highly engaging courses and deliver them with your Moodle learning management system (LMS). Moodle course creation is a breeze with an intuitive interface that guides you through a few simple steps to create a course. AI-powered tools allow you to enrich your training with interactive elements, quizzes, multimedia, case studies and scenarios, audio narration and more! Explore how AI Course Creator can transform your training delivery.

Moodle Course Creation in 3 Easy Steps


Step 1: Start With an Idea

Kickstart the Moodle course creation process by choosing your build type and entering course details.

Step 2: Watch the Magic Happen

Let AI generate a syllabus and comprehensive course content aligned to your input.

Step 3: Enjoy Quality Course Content

Modify, enhance or customise your course with simple drag-and-drop features.

Flexible AI-Powered Course Creation Tools


Moodle Compatible

AI Course Creator uses SCORM format, which is compatible with Moodle LMS. Courses are shared seamlessly using LTI (learning tool interoperability).


Built-In Progression Tracking

Our integrated system helps you track student progress and identify students who may need one-on-one support.


Mobile-First Design

Your students can access their learning resources anytime, anywhere, and on any device they want! AI Course Creator works perfectly on any device, even mobile phone.

Elevate Your Moodle Course Creation With These Features

Easily develop accurate, engaging training on subjects you’re unfamiliar with, and contextualise courses with highly relevant content.
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Interactive, Multimedia Elements

Enrich your training and keep students engaged with multimedia content and interactive elements.

1 Icon 2 - DIY Course Build

AI Assistant

Enrich your training and reinforce key concepts with AI-generated case studies and practical examples, or use AI to summarise or expand on sections of text.

4 Icon 3 - Embedded Documents

Embedded Documents

This upcoming feature allows you to add resources to keep course content relevant.


Smart, Self-Checking Quizzes

Easily create quizzes based on course content and provide instant feedback to learners!


Automatic Translation

Reach a global audience by offering your courses in various languages.


Regional Contextualisation

Tailor course content according to student locations with this unique global setting.

Experience the eSkilled AI Course Creator Difference

eSkilled AI Course Creator allows you to craft engaging and immersive learning content that sets your students up for success.
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