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eSkilled AI Course Creator enables you to build high quality, interactive online courses in minutes, saving you considerable time, effort and money. eSkilled courses are enriched with multimedia elements, interactive quizzes, audio narration, AI-generated case studies and so much more to keep your learners captivated. Choose from three simple methods to create accessible and scalable online learning materials. Streamline course creation and training delivery with our affordable, AI-powered course builder!
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Your AI Course Builder Creates Online Course Content With:

Introduction to AI Course Creator

Multimedia and Interactive Features

Build engaging online courses with videos, images, clickable elements, and even embedded documents (coming soon)!

Feature-Packed AI Quiz Creator

Our AI quiz creator designs self-checking quizzes based on course content and features different types of questions.

Built-In Progression Tracking

Educators can monitor learner progress and create targeted strategies to address areas of difficulty.

AI Assistance

Enrich training and reinforce key concepts with AI-generated case studies, practical examples and scenarios, or use the AI Course builder to summarise or expand on certain sections.

Multiple Ways to Share

Seamlessly share courses by embedding them onto any webpage or deliver the training through any SCORM-compliant learning management system.

Audio Narration

Enrich the learning experience and make training more accessible to those with LLN needs or visual impairment. (Coming soon)

Our Commitment

Build Online Courses Designed for Accessibility


All course materials feature a mobile-first design. Empower your students to access their new learning materials anytime, anywhere, and on any device!


Our AI Course builder features global course design settings that convert courses into 80+ languages and contextualise content according to learners’ geographical areas.

eSkilled AI Course Creator Offers Three Ways to Build Online Training Courses


Speedy AI Course Builder

This tool allows you to build an online course using advanced AI and drag-and-drop functions. It’s the perfect starting point that lets you automate course creation and customise should you choose to.


Do-It-Yourself Course Builder

Take complete control of the course creation process with this builder! Add content, structure modules, and customise elements according to your preferences and subject matter expertise.


Create From Document

This upcoming feature will simplify the process of converting existing learning materials, such as PDFs and presentations, into interactive digital resources suitable for online learning platforms.

How Your Organisation Benefits From eSkilled’s AI Course Builder

Boost Course Creation With Our Online Course Authoring Tools!

When you build online training courses with eSkilled’s powerful AI tools, you create engaging learning content that empowers educators and students alike.
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