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Various Online Course Creation Tools for All Teaching Styles


Rapid AI Course Builder Wizard

Create amazing AI courses in minutes with our game-changing tool. Enter your course topics and let the AI arrange them into a syllabus, using advanced algorithms. Adjust the layout with ease using drag-and-drop. This tool is perfect for educators who want both speed and to add a personal touch.


Tailor With Course Build Wizard

If you want to have more control over your course creation, you can use the Manual Course Build feature. This feature allows you to craft your courses from scratch by adding content, modules, and elements as you like. You can fine-tune every aspect of your course to match your vision.


Document to Course: A New Feature on the Way

Convert your educational materials into digital formats with our upcoming feature. PDFs, presentations, and documents will become part of your course content, keeping your work’s quality, and improving it for online learning.

Build AI-Generated Quizzes with our Online Course Maker


Continuous Learning Loop

These quizzes go beyond testing; they are vital parts of a durable learning and feedback loop, stimulating continual improvement and participation.

Smart Quiz Design

The AI creates various quiz questions from course content, in multiple-choice or rue/false formats, saving time for all educators.

Customisable and Scalable

Feedback on the Fly

Students obtain immediate feedback following quizzes, which enhances learning and recall, while educators get useful insights from analytics.

Adaptable and Scalable Course Creation

The AI makes quiz creation easy, but educators have the final say. You can tweak and scale quizzes to suit your course and students.

AI Assistant for Quick Course Edits

Use our online course creation software’s AI Assistant to improve your course content. With features like ‘Expand Text’ to explain difficult topics and ‘Bullet Point’ to summarise information into clear lists, this tool helps you make your course material clearer and engaging.

eBot AI Course Creator Assistant

Create Interactive Content Using Our Online Course Platform


Multimedia Made Easy

Add various multimedia elements easily with upload tools. Make your course richer with our online class creator's videos, images, and embedded media for a captivating learning experience that suits different learners.


Add Interactivity

Boost learner engagement with interactive elements on our online course builder. From graphics that respond to clicks to tables that hide and show information, these features make learning fun and interactive.


Embedded Documents (coming soon)

Keep your course fresh with the newest information. With our future feature, you can embed more documents and resources to make your content always relevant and authoritative.

Achieve Seamless LMS Integration


SCORM Compliant

Courses made with AI Course Creator follow SCORM standards, ensuring they work with many LMS platforms. Easily connect to any LMS that supports LTI.


Progress Tracking Made Easy

Track your students’ progress and identify their strengths and weaknesses with our integrated system. Use data and insights to tailor your teaching methods to each learner’s needs.


Stay on Track with Course Updates

No more outdated or irrelevant courses. With eSkilled AI Course Creator user-friendly interface, you can update your courses in a snap and match them with the latest standards and feedback.

Share Your Course and Make an Impact

Embed your courses on any website with the AI course generator and reach learners everywhere. Your courses will be online and viral-ready.

Customise Your Course Design for the World


Customise Your Course Languages for the World

Offer your courses in various languages and connect with learners worldwide. This feature increases accessibility and inclusivity for a global audience.


Regional Content Relevance and Clarity

With AI Course Creator, you can tailor your content to regional examples and legal contexts, ensuring your course is relevant and easy to understand for learners from different areas.


Courses that Work on Any Device with Mobile-First Design

Create courses that are attractive and functional on any device with our platform’s mobile-first design. Your courses will provide learners with the freedom to study anytime, anywhere.

A Better Way to Create Courses

Create courses that are efficient, engaging, and adaptive with the eSkilled AI Course Creator. Using our software to create online training courses, you can deliver high-quality content that meets the diverse needs of learners worldwide.


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