AI Course Creator’s Data Protection Measures Put Your Security First

eSkilled is committed to safeguarding all student and organisational data. We proudly hold the latest ISO 27001-2022 certification for Information Security, so rest easy knowing that AI Course Creator’s data security measures will always be a top priority.

Systems Built on Security

Our approach to the AI Course Creator data protection model incorporates industry-leading practices to ensure that eSkilled remains a secure and reliable platform for all users.
99.9% Uptime Reliable Maintenance and Support
HTTPS for Secure Communication

Comprehensive Security Strategies

We want to make AI Course Creator’s data security the least of your concerns so you can focus on your organisation’s growth. Because your safety is our priority, we’ve partnered with Amazon Web Services to develop scalable and flexible security solutions.

Data Protection

We ensure your data stays safe and secure. We use SSL and TLS 1.2 to encrypt data during transmission. Our storage includes backups and change logs, and sensitive data is encrypted while at rest for added protection.

Third-Party Penetration Testing

To strengthen our security, we bring in trusted experts for annual third-party tests. We also run monthly internal scans to catch and fix vulnerabilities before they become problems.

Incident Management

Our monitoring systems keep a close eye on things. If something seems off, we’re on it with automated alerts. This ensures issues are resolved quickly, keeping your experience smooth and secure.
Empowering Security

Your Trusted Partner in Data Protection

We are committed to maintaining the unwavering security of our cloud-based service and your data. However, safeguarding data is not just one party’s responsibility but a shared endeavour between our team and your organisation.
eSkilled trains new staff members to handle all data securely and ethically. All our employees must undergo regular privacy and security training to equip them with the knowledge necessary for upholding data security.
Understanding and embracing the shared responsibility model is crucial for minimising risks, enhancing security and reliability, and addressing vulnerabilities. If you have enquiries about the AI Course Creator data protection model, please reach out to us.

Robust Tools for Data Security

We use only the best tools for safeguarded and secured software.
Role-Based Permissions for Secure System Entry
Enhanced Login
Enhanced Login Security with Multi-Factor Authentication
Simplified User Experience with Single Sign-On
Gain Full Visibility with Access Logs
Full Visibility with Access Logs

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