Revolutionising Higher Education Through a Powerful AI Tool for Teachers

Revolutionise your approach to course creation and create learning materials that empower students with eSkilled’s AI tools for higher education. Tailored specifically for higher education institutions, our cutting-edge authoring tools for teachers are poised to transform the way professors and instructors develop and deliver courses.
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Designed by Educators, for Educators

Our AI tools for higher education are designed to address diverse teaching needs, ensuring you have the necessary resources to create impactful learning experiences for your students:
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Lesson Planning

Create comprehensive lesson plans that meet the academic and intellectual needs of university-level learners.

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Interactive Tutorials

Engage your students with interactive tutorials designed to foster critical thinking and encourage scholarly discourse.

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Assessment Solutions

Evaluate student understanding and retention using AI generated auto-marking quiz questions.

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Personalised Learning

Provide tailored learning experiences that cater to your diverse student body’s individual needs and interests.

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Curriculum Development

Design specialised curricula aligned with course objectives, academic standards, and disciplinary requirements.

Excel in Your Teaching Role

Elevate your teaching capabilities and exceed academic expectations. With our AI tools for teachers, you can quickly deploy high-quality courses and earn recognition for your innovative teaching methods. Impress your peers and superiors with engaging, effective course materials that yield positive results and enhance learning outcomes.

Simple and Straightforward Course Customisation

AI Course Creator enables you to tailor learning materials and interactive activities according to the specific needs of your students. You can even address individual learning gaps with personalised modules and activities.
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Straightforward Course Access

AI Course Creator enables you to create and publish e-Learning courses on any SCORM-compliant learning management systems (LMS), or embed the course onto any webpage using an iframe.

Improved Student Engagement

Skip the uninspiring lectures and introduce your students to an immersive learning experience! eSkilled’s AI tool for higher education enables you to incorporate:
Create engaging and enjoyable learning that promotes active participation, increases motivation, and fosters a culture of continuous learning within your institution.

Valuable Insights

Built in progression tracking facilitates timely interventions by identifying learners who may require additional support or personalised guidance, thereby improving overall learning outcomes. Provide instructors with real-time data to facilitate informed decision making to refine course content, improve the learning experience and adapt instructional strategies based on learner engagement and performance.

Explore the Power of eSkilled AI Tools for Teachers

Transform your course development experience with our robust AI course generators. Make the most of an intuitive interface and extensive feature suite to simplify the course creation process and achieve impactful results.
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