Expand Skills, Not Your Budget With eSkilled's AI Corporate Training Course Creator

AI Course Creator is here to disrupt traditional training development and empower Learning & Development teams to produce high quality, interactive courses in a matter of minutes! Highly customised training for your team, partners and/or clients is now possible without a large L&D team and budget. AI Course Creator will significantly reduce course development time and overall costs, while delivering incredible training that will captivate your team.

Less Is More: Powerful, Resource-Smart Course Building

Learning & Development teams no longer need a large team and budget to deliver engaging, effective training that drive results and boost employee performance! Our course builder for workplace learning features a user-friendly interface that makes designing custom courses a breeze. Enjoy unlimited learner access and course views with our affordable monthly subscription plans.

Flexible Training Options

AI Course Creator accommodates a wide range of training formats and gives you the flexibility to address various learning needs within your organisation:
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Brand Customisation

Deliver a professional, brand-aligned training experience with minimal effort using our corporate training course creator! Choose from pre-designed course themes and further customise the elements to match your organisation’s branding.

Adapt to Changes with Ease

Organisational needs evolve continuously, requiring you to adapt swiftly. AI Course Creator enables you to promptly generate new course materials or edit existing ones to cope with the latest regulations, emerging technologies, or shifts in organisational direction and priorities.
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Engage Participants Effectively

Transform dull training sessions into engaging experiences! eSkilled’s AI for corporate training enables you to add:
Plus, your HR or L&D team can use the built-in progression tracking feature to identify when learners may require additional support or personalised guidance, ensuring optimal learning outcomes.
By blending traditional training methods with cutting-edge technology, our corporate training course creator encourages active participation, boosts motivation, and fosters a culture of continuous learning!

Seamless Access to Corporate Training

AI Course Creator seamlessly integrates with any SCORM-compliant learning management system (LMS) via LTI, allowing you to publish your new courses effortlessly on your existing platform. No LMS? No problem! Simply embed the course on any webpage using an iframe. These plug-and-play formats ensure a smooth and user-friendly experience for trainers and students alike.
Empower your organisation with the future of workplace learning! Experience dynamic, engaging, and tailored training with our AI course builder for workplace learning. Start your journey of using AI for corporate training today!
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Do More With Less: Efficient and Affordable Training Is Possible With AI Course Creator

Revolutionise your course creation experience with our cutting-edge AI course generator tools! Its intuitive interface and extensive features simplify the process, ensuring captivating and impactful course content.
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