Supercharge your Training Delivery with AI Course Creation for Vocational Education

Transform your approach to training delivery and empower your students with eSkilled’s AI course creator for VET sector organisations. Minimise your training development costs and develop highly engaging courses in a fraction of the time with our powerful ai-driven solution. AI Course Creator is designed for vocational education training and designed to revolutionise how trainers develop and deliver courses.

Developed by Trainers, for Trainers

Our AI course creator for VET sector educators comes with a comprehensive suite of features to meet diverse training needs and provide trainers with tools for creating impactful learning experiences:
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Course Development

Develop comprehensive courses aligned with industry requirements and learner needs.

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Interactive Activities

Engage students with interactive activities to enhance practical skills and promote knowledge retention.

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Assessment Solutions

Evaluate student understanding and retention using AI generated auto-marking quiz questions.

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Industry-Relevant Content

Update courses in an instant to deliver industry-relevant content reflecting the latest legislation, standards, and best practices.

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Supplementary Resources

Reinforce key concepts with AI-generated quizzes, case studies, practical examples and scenarios.

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Contextualisation and Customisation

Easily adapt courses to different contexts and student requirements.

Save Time

Redirect Your Time and Resources

Say goodbye to tedious course development processes and generate course content at record speed. Our AI course creator for VET sector educators offers an intuitive interface that makes designing tailored courses a breeze.

Enhance RTO Compliance Processes

AI Course Creator will help you update your course materials in a snap, to ensure you are delivering training with the latest compliance, regulatory and legislative updates, while ensuring you meet volume of learning requirements for every unit without additional costs.
Improve Compliance
Adaptive Learning

Brand Aligned Training

Deliver a professional, brand-aligned training experience with custom themes. Choose from pre-designed options or further customise the elements to match your organisation’s branding.

Boost Student Engagement

Bid those uninspired training sessions farewell and open your mind to immersive learning experiences! Incorporate interactive and game elements into your training with AI-powered course creation for vocational education. Your new course materials will promote active participation, boost learner motivation, and foster interest in learning.
Enhance Participant
Excel Role

Provide Better Student Support

Empower Students to Access Training Anywhere, Anytime

Deliver a smooth, user-friendly journey that doesn’t require learners to be tech-savvy or have access to a specific type of device.
Empower your organisation by embracing the future of vocational education! With eSkilled’s AI Course Creator Tool, you can provide students with dynamic and engaging learning experiences.
Experience the transformation of vocational training with technology – embark on your journey today!

Experience the Power of eSkilled AI Course Creator for Vocational Education

Transform the course creation experience with eSkilled’s AI course creator for VET sector trainers. Enjoy unlimited course views and student access with one low monthly subscription fee. Choose from four affordable pricing tiers to suit your RTO’s needs.
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