eSkilled AI Course Creator Software for K-12 Education

Ready to revolutionise your teaching methods and captivate learners like never before? eSkilled AI Course Creator will boost your teaching game, while saving you considerable time and expense. Our authoring tools for K-12 learning empower educators and students through greater customisation and personalisation of learning experiences while saving time, energy, and costs for schools.

Designed by Educators, for Educators

Using AI in K-12 education helps educators accommodate a diverse range of teaching requirements and equips them with the necessary tools to create impactful learning experiences for their students:
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Lesson Planning

Develop comprehensive lesson plans tailored to your students’ unique requirements.

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Interactive Activities

Engage and inspire students with interactive activities that nurture creativity and critical thinking.

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Assessment Solutions

Evaluate student understanding and retention using AI generated auto-marking quiz questions.

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Customised Instruction

Ensure content is precisely tailored to your audience. Use country context settings to ensure elements such as spelling, currency, practical examples and related legislation are relevant to your learners.

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Project-Based Learning

Facilitate hands-on, project-based learning opportunities that promote collaboration and real-world application of knowledge.

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Specialised Curricula

Design specialised curricula for specific subjects, grade levels, or educational standards.

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Easy Course Creation and Personalisation

Say goodbye to countless hours spent developing lesson plans and curricula. eSkilled’s course creation software for K-12 education features an intuitive drag-and-drop editor that makes it a breeze to craft engaging courses. Users can add multimedia, interactive elements, and embed documents (coming soon) to supplement learning and help students comprehend topics.

Save Time, Energy, and Resources

Streamline your teaching process with our authoring tools for K-12 education. Our AI Course Creator simplifies lesson planning and empowers teachers to focus on what truly matters: teaching! Use the AI Assistant to:
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Enhanced Student Engagement

Say goodbye to mundane classes and welcome interactive learning experiences! eSkilled AI Course Creator enables educators to seamlessly integrate interactive elements and gamification into their courses to transform lessons into engaging student experiences.
Our AI authoring tools for K-12 education combine traditional teaching methods with cutting-edge educational technology. Our tool encourages active participation, boosts motivation, and nurtures a genuine passion for learning among students.

Convenient Access for Students​

Swiftly deploy e-Learning courses to your existing learning management system (LMS) or embed them onto any webpage. AI Course Creator uses mobile first design principles, meaning your students can complete their sessions on any device, even mobile phone!
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Explore the Potential of eSkilled AI Course Creator for Your K-12 School!

Transform your course creation experience by using cutting-edge AI in K-12 education. Our innovative tools come with an intuitive interface and extensive features to simplify creating captivating and impactful courses.
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